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4-5 December 2019
InterContinental Hotel David
Tel Aviv, Israel


Learn the latest trading and risk management strategies

We are happy to bring the Cboe Risk Management Conference (RMC) to    Tel Aviv.

With a legacy of compelling and thought provoking material, RMC is widely accepted as one of the most highly regarded events in the equity derivatives space, attracting a dedicated and knowledgeable group of institutional investment professionals. Attendees come from a variety of organizations including hedge funds, pension plans, investment banks, insurance companies and mutual funds. Now in its 35th year in the U.S., and 8th year in Europe, sponsorship of the Cboe RMC will provide your firm the opportunity to position itself as a force within this key sector of the investment community. We appreciate your interest in and support of Cboe RMC.

For a printable version of the Sponsorship Opportunities, click here.
For for additional opportunities that may not be listed, please contact: 
Send the completed Sponsorship Application and Agreement form to:
  • Felicia Garcia

    400 S. LaSalle Street
    Chicago, IL 60605
    Direct: 312-786-8310
    Fax: 312-786-7413
Note that Sponsorships are priced in U.S. dollars.

Attendance is limited to approved registrants. Sponsorship may be restricted and will be approved at the discretion of the conference organizers. ​

Sponsorship Opportunities Overview

Includes 6 firm passes + 3 customer passes
Includes 5 firm passes + 3 customer passes
Includes 4 firm passes + 3 customer passes
Includes 2 staff pass + 2 customer pass for General; 3 staff passes + 3 customer passes for Exhibit

Summary of Sponsorship Benefits

Details of Sponsorship Benefits

  • Where and as noted, Sponsors receive a combination of complimentary conference registrations for their employee representatives and for their institutional investor Buyside clients who would otherwise be approved for free  registration fee and who have not already registered for the conference (“Buyside Customer”). Buyside Customer passes may not be used by Sponsor employee representatives in any circumstance.
  • In order to encourage qualified buyside attendees to the Conference, Sponsors may earn up to two additional complimentary registration passes provided that the Sponsor registers additional qualified Buyside Customers, who would otherwise qualify for free registration. One additional firm pass will be granted for every two additional Buyside Customers that the firm registers (beyond those offered as part of the sponsorship agreement specified in the table above). In order to receive this incentive, the Buyside Customer’s name must be given in advance to Cboe/registered and noted as the firm’s customer, must not have already been registered for the Conference and must attend the Conference.
  • A one-page, color advertisement will be included in the on-site conference agenda handbook and an ad will appear in the Sponsor section of the conference app with a link to the firm’s website. (Note that these benefits are not included with General Sponsorship.)
  • Notice of company sponsorship included in conference marketing materials, pre-conference notices and company listing on conference website (following confirmation of sponsorship and receipt of payment).
  • Two pieces of literature or a promotional item will be included in the conference bag that is given to all attendees (not available to Silver or General sponsors). One additional piece of literature can be placed on the general sposnors' literature table.
  • Company name promoted on signage at conference.
  • Pre- and post-conference attendee lists with all contact information received is provided only to Sponsors.

As a premium sponsor, all Platinum level sponsorships include four company representative conference passes and four qualified buyside institutional investor client passes (cannot substitute investor passes for firm representatives).

Conference Jackets/Vests: $10,000 

Conference jackets/vests may be worn throughout the conference and for years afterward. This is a high-quality fleece or comparable fabric jacket or vest provided to all attendees. Your logo will be co-branded with Cboe. (This premium sponsorship is subject to Cboe acceptance.)

Conference Bags: $10,000

Conference bags allow attendees to showcase your company logo throughout the conference and beyond with your name and logo co-branded on a premium RMC conference bag. (This premium sponsorship is subject to Cboe acceptance.)

Welcome Reception Package: $10,500

The RMC Welcome Reception is an outstanding opportunity to interact with speakers and conference delegates. This event includes beverage bars (cocktails and a specialty wine bar) and food stations. Your company can sponsor the entire event as a package, or the beverage stations can be purchased individually (see below) along with a co-sponsor(s). Included in this sponsorship is a six-foot skirted table in the conference registration/educational session area, beverage napkins imprinted with your company logo, significant signage displaying corporate logo and name and the opportunity to distribute a company branded promotional item during the party (at sponsor’s expense).

All Gold level sponsorships include three company representative conference passes and four additional registration passes for your qualified buyside institutional investor clients (cannot substitute investor passes for firm representatives).

Wi-Fi/Internet Sponsorship: $8,500

Sponsor internet access in the conference room and your name and logo can be the first thing attendees see when accessing the internet at the conference. Your logo will appear at log-in, and you will have the opportunity to include a banner ad on the conference app.


The charging station is a 3 foot-tall tower with ample space for your company’s branding. Attendees can easily plug in their phones and other devices to recharge throughout the day so they can stay connected without interruption.

Lunch: $7,500

Description goes here.

Wine Bar: $7,500

The premium wine bar at the  Welcome Reception will feature a variety of hand-picked premium wines. Included in this sponsorship are cocktail napkins imprinted with your company logo, prominent signage noting the sponsoring firm and an opportunity to distribute company-branded giveaway of your choice, such as a branded corkscrew or decanter at the event (amenities are additional and at sponsor’s expense).

Registration Badge Lanyards: $7,500

Worn by delegates throughout the conference, your company name and logo will be displayed on badge lanyards worn by attendees. Badges are required for admittance to all sessions and the cocktail receptions.

All Silver level sponsorships include four company representative conference passes and four registration passes for your qualified Buy-side institutional investor clients (cannot substitute investor passes for firm representatives).

Breakfast: $5,000

Description goes here.

Notepads or Pens: $5,000 Pens or Notepads (pick one, or $8,000 for both)

Have your company’s name at every attendee’s fingertips during conference sessions with your company name and logo on conference pens or notepads. You choose whether you’d like these sponsored items placed inside each delegate’s conference bag or set out during conference sessions. (Cost of item selected and shipping is additional cost.)

Coffee Breaks –Morning or Afternoon

$5,000 each  

Everyone needs a break! Be the star of the very popular morning or afternoon coffee breaks that always include specialty snacks. Prominently displayed signage at coffee service giving notice of your company sponsorship is included with this sponsorship as is the opportunity to distribute your company’s branded coffee cup or giveaway of your choice (amenities extra and at sponsor’s expense).

General Sponsorship: $3,000

One of our most popular sponsorship opportunities. Benefits include one staff registration and two passes for qualified buyside clients, significant signage at the event, discounted additional staff conference passes and access to pre- and post-conference attendance lists including contact information for attendees. Up to two additional staff passes may be purchased at a discounted rate of $400.

Exhibitor Booth Sponsor: $7,500

Exhibitor booths allow face-to-face interaction with the conference's highly targeted audience. A limited number of booths are set up in the heart of the conference, outside of the main conference session rooms, adjacent to the registration and help desk. Exhibit booth sponsorship includes two staff passes, two buyside client passes and the opportunity to purchase two additional staff passes at a discounted rate of $400.